• RBF in the Wild

    A study of usability concerns among wallets and block explorers that support opt-in RBF (BIP125).
  • 2018 Annual Report

    Bitcoin Optech reviews our 2018 accomplishments and summarizes our plans for 2019.
  • Bitcoin Optech Dashboard

    Introducing the Bitcoin Optech Dashboard, which contains live-updated statistics about consolidations, payment batching, RBF, segwit adoption, and more.
  • Field Report: Consolidation of 4 Million UTXOs at Xapo

    A field report from Anthony Towns, a developer at Xapo, about how they consolidated around 4 million UTXOs to prepare for potential future fee increases.
  • Announcing Bitcoin Optech

    Today we’re announcing our new project, Bitcoin Operations Technology Group (Optech). We want to help Bitcoin companies adopt the best scaling techniques and technologies available to make efficient use of the blockchain, and thereby help Bitcoin to scale to more users and use cases.

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