Mike Schmidt is joined by Salvatore Ingala and Clara Shikhelman to discuss Newsletter #226.

The Bitcoin Optech Podcast and transcription content is licensed Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0


  • General smart contracts in Bitcoin via covenants (1:21)

  • Paper about channel jamming attacks (29:46)

Changes to services and client software

  • Sparrow 1.7.0 released (55:59)

  • Blixt Wallet adds taproot support (56:42)

  • Specter-DIY v1.8.0 released (57:07)

  • Trezor Suite adds coin control features (57:50)

  • Strike adds taproot send support (58:32)

  • Kollider exchange launches with Lightning support (58:53)

Releases and release candidates

Notable code and documentation changes


transcription coming soon