Mark “Murch” Erhardt and Mike Schmidt are joined by Gloria Zhao, Gregory Sanders, and Sergej Kotliar to discuss Newsletter #223.

The Bitcoin Optech Podcast and transcription content is licensed Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0


Selected Q&A from Bitcoin Stack Exchange

  • Why would someone use a 1-of-1 multisig? (1:23:48)

  • Why would a transaction have a locktime in the year 1987? (1:24:12)

  • What is the size limit on the UTXO set, if any? (1:24:48)

  • Why is `-blockmaxweight` set to 3996000 by default? (1:25:31)

  • Can a miner open a Lightning channel with a coinbase output? (1:26:40)

  • What is the history on how previous soft forks were tested prior to being considered for activation? (1:27:44)

Releases and release candidates

Notable code and documentation changes


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