Trimmed HTLCs are forwardable LN payments that are below a channel’s economic limit for being resolved onchain. Instead, a commitment transaction that goes onchain pays the value of all trimmed HTLCs to transaction fees.

Different channels may have different limits for uneconomical outputs, so a trimmed HTLC in one channel may be a regular HTLC in another channel. That means trimmed HTLCs are constructed, used, and resolved the same way as regular HTLCs for most purposes.

If trimmed HTLCs weren’t allowed, the minimum value a channel could send, accept, or forward would be the amount it considered to be economic onchain, which can easily be thousands of sats. Trimmed HTLCs allow channels to forward very small payments.

Unfortunately, trimmed HTLCs come with risks and can create incentive problems. A malicious party can destroy part of a channel’s value using trimmed HTLCs or use trimmed HTLCs they have no intention of resolving to get their counterparty to pay part of a channel’s transaction fees. Suggested alternatives have included destroying trimmed HTLC value by [paying it to an OP_RETURN output or using a probabilistic payment when trimming is necessary.

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